Job Description:


Job Title: IT Server Administrator

Industry: HR Outsourcing

Employment type: Full Time, Permanent, Entry-Level, No UAE Experience welcome

Experience: 3-5 years

Salary: AED 3,500 + Employment Visa and UAE Mandatory Benefits

Company: Emirates Consulting Group

Location: Dubai


1. Keeping a company server operating at maximum efficiency involves several duties and responsibilities.

2. User Administration

3. Server Administrators are responsible for creating new user accounts for new employees and removing the accounts of ex-employees.

4. Develop and Implement Network Maintenance Standard Operating Procedure

5. To keep a server operating at its best condition, Server Administrators must create and implement a network maintenance SOP.

6. Diagnose and Repair Hardware and Network Malfunctions

7. When employees have an issue with their workstation, they call the Server Administrator to find and fix the problem.

8. Develop and Implement Network Security Strategy

9. In today’s digital age, network security is crucial. It is the responsibility of the Server Administrator to ensure security firewalls are updated regularly and remain fully functional.

10. Keep Upper Management Informed With Regular Reports

11. Upper management doesn’t need to know all of the technical details involved in keeping their network running – that’s what they pay their Server Administrator for.

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